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    As the heat of summer is in full swing, it's important to consider tips for gardening. Summer is a great time to enjoy your blossoming garden, so maximize it by following some simple summer tips!

    1. Water, water, water!

    On the hottest days of summer, it is sometimes necessary to water even twice a day. Remember, soaking the bottom of a pot encourages root rot. To avoid this, you can keep the bottom in sand, just make sure to keep the sand moist. Also, be aware that hanging planters and small planters dry out much faster than your larger pots.


    2. Short on time? Do simple fixes.

    If you're short on time, but you want your garden to look fresh and kept, try simple fixes. Some simple fixes, that can have a big impact on presentation, are: new mulch, adding more color to your garden, and getting rid of faded flowers (deadheading). By simply removing buds that are older, you are creating the potential for fresh blooms.

    Finally, accessorize. If you have the perfect vine, try adding a trellis. If your potted plants are looking a little plain, try a new planter. If your hose is a tangled mess, try a hose guide. Simple fixes, like these, can make a big difference in garden and home appearance. 


    3. Think container gardens.

    Perhaps some of the most unique gardens can be found in containers. However, you don't have to settle for generic containers. There are plenty of unique containers that can be used. For example, try an old watering trough, an old wagon, or even teacups.

    Tip: If you're worried about starting a large container garden, try a small herb garden. Find your unique, small container, pick out your herbs, and give it a try!

    Some herbs to try:

    • basil
    • chives
    • lavender
    • mint
    • lemon balm


    4. Start Planning a Vegetable Garden- For Fall!

    Get a step ahead on your fall harvest, and start by planning backwards. First, consider what veggies you want to plant. Next, consider how long each vegetable will need to harvest. You will want to plan planting according to the first Fall frost date. Take the fall frost date, and then subtract how long it takes to harvest the veggies. From this, you will find when to plant each veggie.

    Not only will you thank yourself come September and October, but you'll have fresh veggies to enjoy.

    Some fall veggies are:

    • beets
    • broccoli
    • cabbage
    • carrots
    • spinach
    • radish
    • lettuce

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