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Company Quick Facts:

  • Steel Heart Ltd. is located in Harvard, Illinois.
  • We carry hundreds of unique items. In addition to metal decor, we have hand-chiseled stone pieces, estate gates, and beautiful antiques from various countries.
  • We have been in business since 1997.
  • The majority of our metal decor is designed by Steel Heart Ltd.'s owner, Jacek Peczkowski.
  • All orders to ship will incur shipping charges which will be determined after order is ready to ship.  Customer will be notified of additional freight charge.



We have received numerous awards from Nursery Retailer.


 Placement in The Media:

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Behind The Designs:

  • Jacek Peczkowski: Jacek has been designing garden decor for over 20 years. With a passion for the outdoors and all that nature brings, Jacek creates designs that not only compliment each landscape but also add character. His passion for metal design stems from working with his grandpa, who was a blacksmith in Poland. 
  • Gretchen Peczkowski: Gretchen has worked along side Jacek, aiding in design ideas, but more importantly, making sure that each customer at Steel Heart, Ltd. has a positive buying experience. Gretchen manages the warehouse and retail center, and if you stop in to Steel Heart Ltd., you will most likely be greeted by her.



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